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Windows 95 Dial-in Networking configuration instructions.

These instructions are for my local YKNet ISP access. This uses TCP/IP with PPP protocols and only username/password authentication.

Click on the links to get a full view of the linked reference screen shots as you read through these instructions.

  • Open My Computer.
  • Double-click on Dial-up Networking.
  • If you had no modem in your computer when your Windows 95 or 98 was installed you won't have Dial-up Networking. If you have a modem now, you can install the DUN by going into Control Panel and opening Add/Remove Programs. Select the Windows Setup tab, then click on the Communications section, then click on the Details button and put a check in Dial-up Networking. Then click on the OK buttons on both windows and it will be installed.
  • Go into your Control Panel.

  • Congratulations!

    You now have completed configuring Windows 95 Dial-in Networking!

    Happy surfing!