Rod Carty
Curicula Vitae

Education, Work History, etc: 
  • My main business focus is to design and install computer networks and to modify existing computer installations.
  • I am a home-based business, so my overhead is low. I charge the same hourly rate for all my work ($75/hour). No cost to you for my travel around Whitehorse.
  • My hours are flexible. If it's better for you that I do a particular job in the evening or on the weekend, again I charge my regular rate - no surcharge.
  • In addition to my regular business license, I am certified in the Yukon as an electrical contractor. That means I can legally install computer network cabling. I obtain an electrical permit for all permanently-installed cabling. A permit costs $25 or so, depending on the overall cost of the work, and ensures all work is done correctly and legally. For your own protection and benefit, before you have any permanent wiring installed by anyone, ask to see an electrical permit.
  • I read trade magazines and other news sources daily, putting substantial effort into keeping up with technology trends and advances. This translates into my providing you with recommendations that will work best for you today and in the future. My extensive experience in telecommunications gives me knowledge and understanding that further benefits you as a customer.

  • I have considerable experience in teaching. This means I can generally provide you with understandable answers to your questions. I am also able to provide you with computer training as needed, in cases where this is the best choice for you.
What I don't do: 
  • My business focus is not to sell you products. I have no retail space and only enough inventory for the convenience of my business operations. That means if I recommend a product for you it is because I am convinced that it is the best choice for you.
  • Although I frequently am called on to maintain, troubleshoot and repair clients' computers and networks, my main focus is the design and installation. Therefore my work is always done with the intent to minimize the maintenance, with the end result of reducing your ongoing computer network costs and troubles.

If you would also like to view my work history and qualifications from the point of view of a standard resume, click here.