Last updated: September 7, 2004
Rod Carty,
29 Bates Crescent,
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 4T8

General Information

I was born in 1954, and have been a resident of Whitehorse since 1990. I have been married since 1976. We raised two children.

Education and certificates

Instructor-led courses and seminars I attended Self-paced and correspondence courses I have done Work Experience

1997 to present - I am operating a small computer network consulting company, serving mostly small businesses with Windows peer-to-peer networks.

1997, Jan to June - I worked on part time contract to Yukon College, teaching various Computer Networking courses.

1993 to 1996 - I worked for NorthwesTel in the Help Desk division of the Information Systems Department. Among other duties, I designed, implemented and supported the company's internal-use WAN. I also managed this division for the last 18 months. One of the several process improvements I designed and implemented during that time was an Office Automation User Request and Order Tracking system. A job description is available if desired.

1990 to 1993 - I worked for NorthwesTel as a Technical Training Supervisor and Instructor. Among others, I taught Basic Data Comm and Digital Multiplexing courses. During part of this time I was seconded to the Yukon College to instruct students enrolled in a two year Co-op electronics program.

1979 to 1990 - I worked for NorthwesTel as a communications technician in Hay River, NWT.

1974 to 1979 - I worked as a construction electrician in Campbell River, BC.

Related Experience

I have been using microcomputers since 1974, and programming since 1985. I have self-learned and written programs in Basic, Pascal and dBase.

My first large Basic program, called Reversi, was purchased by and published in a New York-based computer magazine called AHOY!. My only large Pascal program was a volunteer effort for a Hay River charitable organization, automating some radio astronomy data-gathering. I have written major dBase applications, on a contract basis, for NWT Housing Authority and NWT Liquor Commission. I have published some shareware programs written in Visual Basic.

I have done some digital electronic circuit and printed circuit board design and construction as a hobby, mostly using integrated circuits. This includes a Z-80 based microcomputer system (not from a kit). I also collaborated on a circuit custom-designed and built for the Hay River volunteer FM radio station. It was an audio combination lock which enabled anyone with a touch-tone phone to remotely connect to and transmit their voice over the radio station, overriding the studio audio. The combination lock prevents unauthorized use of the service.

I have been doing volunteer work at the Whitehorse Christian radio station, CIAY, starting with working on their computer systems (the station is highly automated and therefore very dependent on their computers) early in the summer of 2003. I accepted the position of station manager in November 2003.

Interests and career goals

I find my work in the computer networking field to be very rewarding. I hope to continue this type of work in the future.