I started my consulting company, Enterprise Network Consulting in January 1997, shortly after experiencing the corporate downsizing initiatives at NorthwesTel first-hand. I worked at NorthwesTel for about 18 years as a technician, instructor, analyst and manager. During part of that time I designed and was involved in the installation and maintenance of their internal-use computer networking system through the whole North.

I have a Canadian Interprovincial Journeyman's Electrician ticket, and am a licenced electrical contractor in theYukon. (It is a legal requirement have an electrical permit to permanently install computer network cabling in the Yukon and many other parts of Canada. Have your wiring done legally, have it done right.) 

I have also taught courses in computer networking at Yukon College. 

While working at NorthwesTel and as an instructor at the college it was really brought to my attention that this part of Canada needed someone to provide solid information about networking to people in small business, in government offices and in organizations. There seemed very few places anyone could go for help with their combined needs of computers and telecommunications, and it often cost them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the wrong equipment and lost time. 

I work with Windows 95/98/ME, 3.X, NT and 2000 and various network equipment such as Cisco routers. 

I enjoy helping people. My computer network expertise is one way I can do that. 

I frequently tell people I love technology; sometimes I even like computers.

How I can help you ...

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