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Disable Networking - Win 3.11

From within Windows:

Run Windows Setup.

Click on Options.

Click on Change Network Settings.

Click on Networks Button.

Click on No Windows support for networks.

Click on OK.

Click on OK.

This changes net.cfg, autoexec.bat, system.ini, win.ini and protocol.ini files.

Restart computer.

Enable peer-to-peer networking - Win 3.11

-If you have not set up networking on this PC before, you may need a few additional drivers.

-Go to Novell's web site at http://www.novell.com and get the self-extracting file

-pnwupd.exe by clicking on their Find It Now! button, then put that file name into the

-Software Updates, Patches, and Drivers field.

-The standard location to install these drivers to is a C:\nwclient directory.

From within Windows, open Windows Setup.

Select Options, then Change Network Settings.

Click on Network.

Click on Install Microsoft Windows Network.

Click on OK.

Click on Drivers, then Add Adapter.

Select your make and model of your adapter.

Select IPX/SPX ... with NetBIOS.

Click on Setup.

Highlight frame type, select 802.2.

Click on Set, then OK.

Select NIC and click on Setup.

Change driver type to ODI.

Click on OK.

Select IPX/SPX ... with NETBIOS.

Click on Set as Default Protocol.

Click on Close.

Click on Sharing.

Select I want to...files.

Click on OK, then OK again.

MS Windows Network Names setup dialog comes up next. (This can be modified later in Control Panel, Network.)

Put in computer name.

Put in the workgroup name.

Computer name is optional.

Click on OK.

This modifies: net.cfg, autoexec.bat, system.ini and protocol.ini.

Restart Windows for it to take effect.

Confirm it worked by running File Manager, then clicking on Disk, then Connect Network Drive. You should see other computers.

Enable sharing of your hard drive - Win 3.11

Open File Manager.

Select your hard drive or the directory you want to share.

Click on Disk.

Click on Share As.

Fill in Share Name, full access, etc.

Click on Ok.

Accessing a shared hard drive - Win 3.11

Open File Manager.

Click on Disk.

Click on Connect Network Drive.

Select the computer.

Select Drive and map it to a drive letter.

Enable sharing of your printer - Win 3.11

Network Setup.

Enable printer sharing.

Choose Yes to sharing printers upon restart of Windows.

Select printer in Share Printer window.

Select re-share as Startup.

Print Manager will always be running while you have set your printer to be shared.

Confirm in Print Manager it shows printer as shared.

Accessing a shared printer - Win 3.11

Open Control Panel, then Printers.

Click on Add.

Select printer manufacturer and model, install printer driver if not already there.

Click on Connect.

Click on Network.

Choose Device (port) Name (donít map it to your local LPT1, save that for locally attached printer).

In Path, put in \\pc name\queue name.

Click on OK.

New printer should now show be in printer/port list.