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            How E.N.C. Can Help You
    1. Primarily
    • Provide advice and information on computer network design, operation and maintenance.
    • Provide advice and service on Internet access from single computers or whole networks.
    • Provide service on an hourly basis at competetive professional rates. No extra charge for on-site service in Whitehorse.
    • Trouble-shoot and repair existing systems and individual computers.
    • Install complete network systems:
      • Information systems needs.
      • Design of network.
      • Procuring hardware and software.
      • Permanent cable installation.
      • Installation and testing.
      • After-set-up care.
    2. Secondarily
    • Source hardware or software for your system.
    • Not a retail outlet, but
      • Refer you to local or regional suppliers.
      • Source specialty items for you directly at competitive prices.


For more information: Email Rod
or telephone Rod Carty 668-7486 (Please leave a message if no one answers.)

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